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Hans Ebert has been Executive Director with Universal Music Asia and EMI Music Asia.

He has either produced or co-produced tracks for Bowie, Robbie Williams, Nelly Furtardo, Gorillaz and others and forced unknown Danish band Michael Learns To Rock to record an English version of a Mandarin hit which was called Take Me To Your Heart. It has sold over six million units to date.

Found true love, got married, lost true love, divorced, found lust, kicked the habit and now with Norwegian Wood, Ebert straddles the worlds of music, writing, marketing, horse racing, entertainment, arts, politics.

His We-Enhance is all about enhancing the music business, not believing everything you read and fighting for the rights of all artists who are being screwed royally and out of Royalty payments.


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...All areas of the Creative Product.

...The many ways in which music and music-based content is enjoyed and made available today through all the new mediums at the disposal of consumers.

...The consumer/music fan experience through "connectivity" and "inter-activity."

...The creativity of Live Events by working with world-renowned and proven business partners and creating and owning the Rights to ORIGINAL works.

...The creativity and effectiveness of STRATEGIC Marketing and Promotions by working with local and world-renowned business partners.

...The image and business of Sponsorship Marketing and NEW revenue-generating business streams built around creating and OWNING properties within the online, MOBILE and on-air mediums.

...Relationships and the careers of artists - local, regional and International - and their Management teams through mutually-beneficial, creative, marketing and financially-viable products and programmes.

...The world through effective, relevant and inter-active Social Awareness Programmes.