Forms Partnership with Hong Kong-based We-Enhance.
Hong Kong, March 27, 2009: We-Enhance Inc., the Hong Kong-based music marketing company and leading Danish management company Volcano Management have formed a business and working partnership to help bring the music and artists from Scandinavia to Asia and and vice versa.  
"To me, musically, some of the most original music is coming out of Scandinavia and, in particular, Denmark," says Hans Ebert Chairman and CEO, We-Enhance Inc and former Executive Director with Universal Music and EMI Music South East Asia. "Volcano has some of my favourite new acts and also acts that I believe can do extremely well in Asia.
"We have, for example, already brought together Denmark's Wong Boys together with [singer] Tia from China and plan more collaborations and also what we call a 'Made In Denmark' musical exchange programme between artists under the Volcano banner and artists and acts from Asia. This will include everything from concerts, showcases to creating, producing and owning mobile content as well as online and on-the-air properties."
Says Kristian Riis, Chairman and CEO of Volcano Management, "I met Hans when recently in Hong Kong along with some of the main members of his team and believe we have the right ingredients to create a unique synergy and help promote and market Asian artists in Denmark and Scandinavia as well as opening the doors for artists under Volcano Managment to Asia. The world is coming together extremely quickly and this 'ScadinAsian team' is helping it along."   
Kristian Riis, Chairman and CEO of Volcano Management
To Ebert, this first step forms the basis to also ensuring that artists are in control of their art and their destinies.
"Working with someone like Kristian who is a musician [he is guitarist with leading Danish Rock band Nephew] is very key to me," explains Ebert, also a musician and songwriter who has long fought for the rights of artists. "I have seen - first-hand - how artists and songwriters have been conned and ripped off and where good music has fallen through the cracks. This partnership sees us working as a team with artists. It's not a 'them' versus 'us' scenario. Now more than ever is the time for there to be a real creative community and which we - the artists - control - and whose careers, we can then enhance."
As the name suggests, We-Enhance is exactly about that: Enhancing the careers of artists, enhancing the consumer experience, enhancing companies that need enhancing and, perhaps most important of all, enhancing the creative product - and whatever this product might be.
We are here to provide solutions, not more confusion.
We are here to work with people and companies we respect and believe CAN be enhanced with what we have to offer.
Yes, We-Enhance.
Volcano Management is the leading independent music management company based in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Volcano represents some of Denmark's finest artists and producers in the alternative, rock and electronic genres including The Wong Boys, WhoMadeWho, VETO, Under Byen, Kashmir, SuperTroels, Spleen United, Speaker Bite Me, Nephew, Jomi Massage, Carsten Heller, The Floor is Made of Lava.
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