Says Dave Stewart of the Eurythmics, "She could be the biggest crossover 'star' China has ever produced."
Hong Kong, October 6, 2008: Today, it seems that everyone is talking about Change. The music industry needs Change.
And now, just for a change, comes a new artist with something genuine and new to offer: Tia Yuan Yawei.
Tia Yuan Yawei
Those who have already seen her have dubbed her: "Tia Ray - China's first R&B Pop Princess".
Others have also called her "Asia's new Dance Princess."
"At a time when all eyes are focused on Asia and, especially markets like China and India, Tia is that rare combination of style and talent," says Hans Ebert, Chairman and CEO of Hong Kong-based multi-media entertainment company We-Enhance and who manages the singer-songwriterin partnership with Beijing-based Acewood Productions helmed by Linda Lee.
Tia Ray (left) with Linda Lee of Acewood Productions and Hans Ebert of We-Enhance Inc.
Ebert should know. Having worked for PolyGram, Universal Music and, most recently, EMI Music Southeast Asia,with artists as diverse as Nelly Futardo, Gorillaz, Yoko Ono, Placebo, David Bowie and Robbie Williams.
"As with everything around us these days," he says, "we are seeing the end of the 'old ways.' When it comes to music, especially from Greater China, we have seen some okay 'copyists,' but, other than, perhaps David Tao, Jay Chou, Wang Lee-hom and, definitely, Sa Ding-ding, precious little originality. The Hong Kong music scene with its never-ending string of manufactured thirty-something 'idols,' also needs some waking up. Tia is here to shake things up a bit."
Born in Huai Hua, a small village in the South-West province of Hunan in China, Tia's first musical influences were Mariah Carey, Jill Scott, and Beyonce. Today, she names artists like Pharell Williams,, Ne-O and others as influences and people she would love to work with.
Already, the iconic Dave Stewart, the legendary singer-songwriter, guitarist and producer and, one half of the Eurythmics with Annie Lennox, has joined the Tia cheerleading squad.
In fact, one of the first tracks out of the starting blocks is her Mandarin version of the Eurythmics' hit "Sweet Dreams" and on which Stewart plays guitar and appears in the video.
Stewart remarks, "Rarely do I come across a young singer songwriter that stops me in my tracks, when I heard Tia's own composition "AMAZING" this girl from a province in China singing in English and so young literally is amazing! I am honored to be working with her and Hans Ebert on what could be the biggest crossover "star" China has ever produced."
Dave Stewart
Also revamped by the singer is the Dee-lite hit from the days of pop-dance called "Groove Is In The Heart" and which will feature a few musical surprises.
Linda Lee, CEO of Acewood Productions, former journalist and a Director of one of the leading global PR agencies, discovered Tia Ray in 2003 in Beijing, "The first time I heard Tia, I just knew this girl had something special. This girl from Hunan has this soulful way of expressing herself through her music that's never been heard in China. Her voice transcends cultures and borders. I knew the world was ready for something truly universal from China. I decided to manage her in a heartbeat and have never looked back since."
Both of Tia's tracks were recorded at Schtung Studios in Hong Kong and co-produced by Ebert and Morton Wilson, the same team that musically brought together Robbie Williams and Nelly Futardo with the great Asha Bhosle, India's Godmother of Hindi music, "Orientalized" the music of Placebo and Gorillaz and "took" David Bowie to India.
"She's just a natural talent," says Wilson. "I have to admit, I was pleasantly surprised at this girl's 'feel' for music and just how relaxed she was being in a recording studio for the first time. She hit notes - and in perfect pitch - right off the bat. No audio-tuners for her! She just nailed everything we asked of her. She's Pop, she's Dance, she's R&B, she's really the whole package. Looking the way she does, doesn't hurt either! I hope to continue working with her and think that Linda and Hans have a really hot property - and unique talent - on their hands.   
Says Lee: "Of course, Tia will never forget her Chinese roots, but we really wish to also push her music to an International audience. We really want to prove that Asia can have someone who is genuinely talented and not 'Asia's answer' to anybody." She adds that Ebert and her are currently collaborating with a number of different business and creative partners around the world to have this remarkable artist finally put Asia on the international map when it comes to music.
In the Press:
The LoDown
Oct 04, 2008
Alex Lo

Beauty not 'soul' reason of success as rising star set to make sweet dreams a reality

Veteran music promoter Hans Ebert prides himself on focusing on finding talented musicians, but his new discovery from the mainland certainly has the looks to go all the way besides her undoubted musical ability.

Hong Kong "keeps signing up mediocre 'singing talent' because of their looks", Ebert would complain. "I'm really unsure if this is what fans today want to see. James Brown, Marvin Gaye, Macy Gray, Amy Winehouse etc were not exactly pin-up dolls."

But now, meet new rhythm and blues/soul sensation and Beijing doll Tia. The young singer-songwriter has just recorded a Putonghua version of Sweet Dreams with David Stewart of the Eurythmics. She has also written a soulful tune, Amazing, which will soon be released as a single, and possibly with a video. "I wrote it after my third guitar lesson. At the time, I broke my toe and broke up with my ex. And I just wrote the song." Tia, incidentally, learned English from listening to English pop music. She was discovered while doing gigs at the Hyatt in Beijing. "You don't have to be black to have soul; I think people with yellow skin can sing it, too."

But don't ask Hans or Tia about when the new album or CD is coming out. They think CDs are dead, only the major record companies and their peers in Hong Kong still don't know this. With iPod, download and transfer technology on the Web, they say we are going back to singles, as in the days of The Beatles.

And why not? It would be much cheaper!

[Reprinted from South China Morning Post, October 4, 2008, Lifestyle Section C2]

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