Hong Kong, November 12, 2007: A track written and co-produced by Hans Ebert, Chairman and CEO of new music-based Entertainment company We-Enhance, is creating news around the world.

With vocals by Scott Hui, youngest son of Canto-Rock legend and pioneer Sam Hui, the song, titled "I'm Proud To Be Chinese" [also known as P2bChi] has quickly become one of the most talked-about recordings because of its theme, its lyrics that mention everyone and everything Chinese from basketball star Yao Ming and martial arts legend Bruce Lee to dim sum, film director Wong kar-wai, Shanghai and everything that makes up the new China.

Recorded at the Sonic Room in Singapore and Schtung studios in Hong Kong and co-produced by Munir Alsagoff, who also played guitar on the track, and Morton Wilson, Hui describes the recording session as truly a team effort. "It was my first time in a recording studio, let alone, laying down my vocals, but everyone was really laid-back and patient. They gave this kid a chance and didn't throw me out!"

With a video directed by Hong Kong-based Patty Keung and which features a cameo appearance by pro-Democracy advocate Anson Chan, 67, who is running for the post of Hong Kong's Chief Executive filmed "singing" the theme line, "I'm proud to be Chinese, I am, I am, I am," the song and video are quickly becoming an anthem for Chinese everywhere.

Keung ran into the outspoken and well-respected politician while filming part of the video and was only too glad to be part of it. "Miss Chan was a very good sport," says Keung. "Her appearance has given my little video more publicity than I could have ever dreamt of. And, yes, she's very proud to be Chinese - she is, she is, she is!"

Adds Hui, "Hans had this idea in mind for a few months and Patty gave it a new lease of life with the video she produced for the track early last week." The video was produced as part of a competition with MTV Asia and where aspiring film-makers were asked to submit their visual interpretations of the song.

Signed to We-Enhance, Hui is simply happy that his first attempt at recording is receiving this worldwide publicity. "People, including my folks, keep asking me, 'what's next?," he explains. "Honestly, I don't know. It's all up to Hans and he's playing his cards pretty close to his chest."

Scott Hui (right) pictured with Hans Ebert, We-Enhance Chairman & CEO

Ebert, who left EMI South East Asia at the end of July following over five years with the music company where he was Executive Director, would only say that "this is just the tip of the iceberg. The whole theme of 'Proud To Be Chinese' was always meant to be more than a song and a video- and certainly not any kind of political statement. Proud To Be Chinese is a concept. And like any concept, it has very definite 'expansion' plans."

Ironically, Ebert's first composition, "April Lady," was recorded by the elder Hui and became a hit in Hong Kong.

"There's a follow-up in the works for Scott, " says Ebert, "but first, we have only just started with P2bChi and this is also the time we're taking baby steps to make We-Enhance an online Yellow Pages of sorts for the creative community. Stay tuned."

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Anson delivers winning performance in new hip hop video...

Anson Chan Fang On-sang is proud to be Chinese. Yes, she is - she even did a cameo in a new music video for singer Scott Hui's I'm Proud To Be Chinese, mouthing the words. The hip hop track, originally written by former EMI Music honcho Hans Ebert, is both patriotic and funny.

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