Hong Kong, September 16, 2009:  For Stew Mac, it was off from the 12-hour flight from London and straight to Causeway Bay on a rain-soaked Tuesday to entertain the kids at the Po Leung Kuk, Hong Kong's oldest orphanage.
The young UK-based singer-songwriter, the latest artist to be signed to Hong Kong-based music marketing and management company We-Enhance, was more than happy to make the trip and play to probably his newest - and youngest - group of fans.
"I don't think the kids understood the songs, but it was pure joy for me to brighten up their day for even a few minutes," said Mac who was ably supported at this small gig by well-known local celebrity Anders Nelsson who acted as "translator," compere and "dance instructor." "I had only met Anders for five minutes and there he was helping me out, speaking to the kids in Cantonese and making sure the kids had a great time," said the singer-songwriter who has opened for acts such as Bon Jovi in his short career.
With his first album to be released in Asia in November - it includes an English version of the biggest hit for Taiwanese singer-songwriter and which is called "I Love You" [Download:] - and gigs scheduled in Shanghai over the next few months, this has been a "getting-to-know-you" visit for Stew Mac - a chance to meet the team at his management company and also understand what makes Hong Kong - and Asia - tick.
After a quick dinner on Tuesday, he was off again, this time to Broadcast Drive for a one-hour interview with "Uncle" Ray Cordeiro and for whom he created a jingle for the DJ's popular programme "All The Way With Ray"...on-the-spot.
Over the next few days - he leaves on Saturday - he'll be working on what has been called "a video and musical diary of Hong Kong," meeting other Hong Kong-based artists and doing a small showcase on Thursday, September 17, 2009 at Bulldogs in Tsimshatsui East at 8.30pm.
Adds Stew, "This is a working holiday, so if there's a place to sing or there are people who want me to sing, well, have-guitar-will-travel."
His one wish? "I'd like to be able meet [jockey] Douglas Whyte," he says having lent his vocals to the track, "Here Comes The Durban Demon," [download:] a song written about Hong Kong's champion jockey by the head of We-Enhance Hans Ebert. " There's a chance that I'll get to meet him and hope he can make it to the gig at Bulldogs."
Having lived in Asia for many years and having worked with some of the biggest names in the International music, advertising, marketing, technology and entertainment industries, the team at We-Enhance knows [and understands] how this region works.
We know what Asia can offer the world in the way of entertainment, we know what the rest of the world can bring to Asia today and what this region will grow to become tomorrow.
We-Enhance is about forward-thinking and enhancing the careers of Artists from this region and from around the world.
It's about enhancing the consumer experience.
Perhaps most important of all, We-Enhance is about, yes, enhancing all aspects of the creative product in and from Asia.
We are here to work with people and companies who share our vision for Asia.
How no one knows everything.
How one never stops learning.
How anything can be enhanced.
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