Hong Kong, May 8, 2009: UK-based Singer-Songwriter Stewart Mac is so hooked on his Levi's® 501's that he's recorded a song about it and where he sings, "I'm moving in my Levi's® and feeling very good" and how he's "looking very hot."
The track, says, Levi's® James Tan, Marketing Communications, Levi Strauss Asia Pacific Division, "we shall be inviting online users to download the music clip as a way to 'unbutton' Stewart Mac and to get to know him through this track.".
The song takes on a few interesting twists and turns with "Stew" finally taking OFF his Levi's® and "getting down to business."
Singer-Songwriter Stewart Mac
The idea for the song came from Hans Ebert, Chief Enhancer of Hong Kong-based music marketing and creative agency We-Enhance who wrote the lyrics and the music with the company's Music Enhancer Ian Parkinson and Songwriter/Producer Azlan Sherrif from Sri Lanka, a team which Ebert calls a bit of a "musical rainbow coalition."
Describing the track as "Blue-Jeaned Pop-Rock," the track came together following a conversation Ebert recently had with Steve Castledine, Vice President, Levi's® Brand and Regional Managing Director.
Says Ebert, "Steve and I have known each other from the days when I was Creative Director with Universal Music in the region and then Executive Director at EMI Music in Asia. We're good mates, we've done a few small projects together, but producing this track is, without a doubt, the most satisfying for me and something which we hope to take much further and be the start of working on more music-related projects with Levi's®."
Starting out as a simple Ring Tune, the idea has "morphed" into a full-length song and which will also be Remixed for Clubs.
"Hans scribbled out some lyrics after a dinner with Steve [Castledine] and had a melody going on in his head which he played to me over the phone," explains Ian Parkinson. "I put the backing track together and we had Stew record the lyrics. By then, Hans felt the Ring Tune was hooky enough to become a full-length song, wrote a set of new lyrics and, as I was busy on some personal business, he had Azlan, part of the We-Enhance team, write out a chorus. Stew then sang the entire song and I put it together - and, thanks to technology, all in the space of less than two weeks.
Ian Parkinson, Musical Enhancer at We-Enhance
A former advertising executive - he was Executive Creative Director of ad agency DDBN and where he worked on the launch of McDonald's in Asia and STAR TV - Ebert has worked on Remixes and East/West musical collaborations with artists such as Nelly Furtado, Robbie Williams, Enrique Iglesias, Kylie Minogue, David Bowie, John and Yoko Lennon and Gorillaz.
Adds Ebert, "We have some other plans like creating a Rock version of the Levi's® track featuring Steve McLeod, one of our artists, and have also formed a separate Branded Ring Tune Division which also works as a Publishing, Creative and Inter-active unit. The music business model is changing every day and we need to change with it and realize that it's not only about releasing some CDs, making tracks available on iTunes and putting up videos on YouTube."
Hans Ebert [second from right] with, from left to right, Manpreet Chadha, Technology Enhancer at We-Enhance,
Bhaskar Menon, Legendary Music Executive and former Worldwide Chairman of EMI Music and
Norman Cheng, Chairman and CEO, Typhoon Entertainment Group.
As the name suggests, We-Enhance is exactly about that: Enhancing the careers of the creative community, enhancing the consumer experience, enhancing companies that need enhancing and, perhaps most important of all, enhancing the creative product in and from Asia - and whatever this product might be.
We are here to work with people and companies we respect and believe CAN be enhanced with what we have to offer.
Yes, We-Enhance.
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