It's called "[I'm The] King Of The Dance Floor."
It's ready to become the newest Dance hit.
The biggest Club hit.
And the first truly Global Dance Anthem.
It's also destined to enter the Guinness Book Of World Records as
The World's Longest Dance Track.
Produced exclusively for We-Enhance by the
iconic DJ Slide Romaine of Parliament, Funkadelics, Sly and the Family Stone fame.
And featuring the work of DJ IP and SM Mann and the HIS Hit Factory.
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Keep the Dance Floor moving.
And make way for all the Kings - and Queens - of the Dance Floor.
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Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Hong Kong License.
Hans Ebert, Chairman and CEO of We-Enhance on DJ Slide Romaine and the origins of "[I'm The] King Of The Dance Floor."
Hong Kong, December 10, 2008: Around a month ago, I met up with the now almost-reclusive DJ Slide Romaine at dragon-i, without a doubt, Hong Kong's most popular club with the most well-used "powder room" and a bevy of models ready to strut their stuff in front of horny old toads, have them splurge on champers in the daft hope of "scoring," but, after a bill in their thousands and some semi-dirty dancing to show for their time and effort, the girls disappear into the night and never to be seen again. Not that Slide cares. He's had more "ladies" than I've had cold showers. Tonight, he just wanted to talk Music.
I first saw Slide when he played such an integral part in the entire Parliaments and Funkadelics eras and hid behind a number of pseudonyms - "Jacko Lantern," "Hannibal The Cannibal," and the bands "Romin' In Rome" and "Slides And Sladders." At that time, many of us thought him to be the heir apparent - and the Afro-hair apparent - to Sly Stone. Yes, Sly and The Family Stone asked us to "Dance To The Music," but Slide and his then-band, Shakalaka, ORDERED us to "Funk To The Music."
Now, Slide is back with "[I'm the] King Of The Dance," and which he describes as "psycho-trance-meets-Rock'n Groove."
As promised when we met at dragon-i, he recently sent me a copy of the track from the Master Blaster. Featuring DJ IP, SM Mann and The HIS Hit Factory, I had first heard the track at a private listening session for professional Club taste-makers Grooves United and The Magical DJBJs. The track funked, thumped and Chumbawamba-ed out through speakers as a hand-picked crew of Pussycat Dancers took to the floor and, as they say, "opened up."
Co-Produced with Reg "Skippy" Lightfoot, the colorful Underground Aussie DJ, former self-styled Guru of Peace, Love and Beads and flamboyant former Rock Promoter and self-described "Queen Of The Dance," some have described the track as "Lenny Kravitz-meets-Kraftwerk-on-the-Autobahn." Others called it "Daft Punk and Depeche Mode with balls and on steroids."
I simply call it, THE Best Dance Track I Have Heard.
Slide is a strange man with delicate hand gestures and a Peter Pan quality to him and who has forgone the usual trappings of "stardom" to focus on his music.The rumors about him swirl around R'nB, Dance and Club circles - his failed marriages, his children by some of the most famous women in the world, his ups, his downs, his over under sideways down, his bizarre musical twists and turns, his sexual prowess, his various cults, his association with Scientology, his dabbling with the occult, his games with Jacko in Never Never Land...The list - and rumors - are endless.
What I best remember is meeting him at the old A&M Studios in North LeBrea and having the magical "Q" call on him to "restore" and "resurrect" a Brothers Johnson album. This he did effortlessly. But when asked to also help "Q" with his valiant attempt to bring Lesley Gore back into Music, it's said that Slide kinda flipped and insisted that all tracks feature a US Navy Marching Band. Lesley Gore's career never happened again, and Slide was unceremoniously dumped from the sessions. Cue the hit, "It's My Party." It wasn't to be and, like the song says, Ms Gore cried if she wanted. So did Slide.
For a few years, there was news of him working with Harry, John and Bowie on a "Futuristic" Dance album. Many still claim that it was DJ Slide Romaine who was the driving force behind Bowie's recording of "Fame," a track on which Lennon played "funk guitar" and said to have been taught to him by the multi-talented guitarist-drummer-songwriter and Producer.
Following what many claim is one of the most sought-after recordings- a Funkadelic-inspired reworking of the Beatles' entire "Rubber Soul," "Revolver," "Sgt Peppers" and "Abbey Road" albums and which became the legendary  "Slim Slo Slider Sessions" with rumors of appearances by everyone from Sly Stone, George Clinton, a young Bill Clinton [on sax], Brigitte Bardot, members of ABBA and George Plimpton to Prince, Chaka Kahn, Rufus, BB King, Clapton, Axl Rose, Slash, Macca and the Moroccan String Ensemble, DJ Slide Romaine disappeared. In those days, he went under the pseudonym of "Howards Hues" and, say some, was also all of the Hues Corporation who topped charts with "Rock The Boat."
Some say, the pressures of following up such a colossal piece of work took a toll on his psyche and that his pre-occupation with trying to "outdo" the Beach Boys' "Pet Sounds" and the Beatles' "Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band," made him go a few trips too many around the Mulberry Bush, Itchycoo Park and In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida.
In 1980, he made a brief comeback of sorts with the group Cameo and the track, "We're Going Out Tonight." But this musical association was not to be when Slide tried to stop its release and walked naked throughout Chicago in protest. He was arrested. At this time, he was actually working under the new pseudonym of "Buck Nakid."
When speaking about the incident with Cameo even today, there is sadness in his low monotone voice: "It was just awful, Bro," he whispered to me as he signed a few autographs and smiled at whom he described as some "mighty fine ladies" He continued: "Man, that track had such a groove to it, but they removed the chitlins from it till there was no gravy. There were no grits and gumbo. It was dishwater, man. It became honkie shit. They robbed it off its soul and made it sound like some Uncle Tom ballad." He might have a point.
After the split from Cameo, came news of Slide re-surfacing in Japan and fronting a makeup band called Sushi and the Sashimi's and where he took on the role of Sushi. Though scoring a Number One in the land of the rising sun with "If You Knew Sushi, Like I Knew Sushi," he was restless and was soon spotted in Thailand and where he tried to form a boy band which he named Fabio. Despite having his "close friend," and THE Fabio in their video, the group disbanded and, once again, Slide was on the move.
The next few years are full of rumours and conjecture: Slide had joined a Trappist monastery. Slide was the secret weapon behind The Obamamessiah. Slide was managing the Jonas Brothers. Slide had become a geisha. Slide was dating Cher and Liza Minnelli. That he had been abducted by aliens.
When we met, he refused to speak about what he had been doing. All he said was that he only wished to speak about "The Now" and how he knew that "we are not alone."
"I just want to make a Dance track that says, 'Hey, I Feel Good.' That says, 'Watch Me,'" he explained. "They asked me to produce this." He never explained and I never asked who "they" were. "They wanted me to create something that says, "I'm The KING Of The Dance Floor!" They want this to be an ANTHEM of Peace, Joy and the John Travoltas. Working on this with them is everything I've ever wanted to do. We now want ALL Musos around the world - toute le monde, my dark-skinned Jungle Bunny Boy Brother - to join in the celebration and this Walk Of Life. We want this to be a Global Ode To Joyfulness and Righteousness and Danceability."
Then, looking at me like everyone's favorite crazy Uncle, he says, "I want this to be about you and me, Bro. I want us to ENHANCE dance floors across the world." He adds, "I am doing their bidding. We are not alone."
As the name suggests, We-Enhance is exactly about that: Enhancing the careers of artists, enhancing the consumer experience, enhancing companies that need enhancing and, perhaps most important of all, enhancing the creative product - and whatever this product might be.
We are here to provide solutions, not more confusion.
We are here to work with people and companies we respect and believe CAN be enhanced with what we have to offer.
Yes, We-Enhance.
For further information, contact:
Ian Parkinson, Director of A&R
We-Enhance Inc.
Tel: (852) 2578 0055
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