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Hong Kong, May 6, 2009:  "He's Hong Kong's Champion Jockey, his name is Douglas Whyte/They call him The Durban Demon/and he's almost always right."  
These are the opening lines to "Here Come The Durban Demon" and what must be the first song ever written about and for a Jockey - not a Disc Jockey or DJ at some hip Club - but a jockey that rides thousand pound horses at a speed that would challenge some of the most skilled formula one racing car drivers. Jockeys compete at the highest level in one of the world’s most dangerous sports and are some of the most underrated athletes in sports.
UK-band James recorded a song titled "Sometimes (Lester Piggott)," [] but which had nothing to do with the jockey.
Could this song be eligible for the Guinness Book Of World Records? Who knows?
But, right now, Hong Kong's Champion Jockey, South African-born Douglas Whyte aka "The Durban Demon," has his own song, specially written for him and titled "Here Comes The Durban Demon".
The idea for the song came from Hans Ebert, head of the music-based Hong Kong creative and marketing company We-Enhance, or as he prefers to be called, the company's Chief Enhancer .
A keen racing enthusiast and a fan of the Jockey, Ebert penned the lyrics, co-wrote the song with the company's Musical Enhancer Ian Parkinson and had it recorded by UK-based artist Stewart Mac and part of the We-Enhance team.
Says Ebert, "To be frank, Ian and Stew wouldn't know The Durban Demon from an Indian turban, but they do know their music so I had to guide the boys through all this and explain little things such as the term "hug the rails." Ian wanted to know why Douglas [Whyte] has to hug the rails- literally- and if this was for luck. I just needed to put him straight about that."
This is the not the first time Ebert has written what he calls "a horsey song." The first time was when he wrote, sang and played all the instruments on "We All Stand Together," [] a tribute song to Hong Kong's former brilliant Champion Sprinter, "Silent Witness." We All Stand Together became an instant hit in Hong Kong and received critical acclaim overseas where it received airplay.
"We have a number of versions of The Durban Demon song," says Parkinson. "We have a Radio version, we're working on a Cantonese version of the song and then have a Club Remix and which we have spoken to most of the leading Clubs in Hong Kong about and all want the track for some special 'Racing Night' and 'Douglas Whyte' events. We've also had TV stations in Australia and the UK that carry horse racing news wanting the track and which proves the popularity and worldwide recognition of  this Hong Kong champion, The Durban Demon."
For the record, Douglas Whyte has broken every record in Hong Kong and is now well on his way to winning his ninth consecutive Jockey Championship in Hong Kong.
Adds Ebert, "I've been speaking to Dougie, on and off, about using his incredible track record and popularity to leverage his sponsorship 'value.' Plus, he has been a great ambassador for horse racing in Hong Kong. We look at the song as Part One of a much greater marketing plan for the jockey and which includes creating his own inter-active website, the production of mobisodes, video games and, of course, working closely with Mark Richards of the Hong Kong Jockey Club's Racing Club to take all of this to a much greater playing field."
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