Hong Kong, June 19, 2009:  While Hong Kong's Champion Jockey Douglas "The Durban Demon" White is enjoying an enforced "holiday" this week outside of Hong Kong, a Remixed version of the music track written for and about him titled "Here Comes The Durban Demon" will be being blasted throughout Clubs around Hong Kong.
The original Pop/Rock track has been lengthened and given a complete overhaul and "face and ass lift" by Ian Parkinson, Musical Enhancer with Hong Kong-based music marketing company We-Enhance.
Having co-written the song with the Company's Hans Ebert, Parkinson has completely changed the track to become what he calls "The Durban Demon Dirty Boy Remix" and which combines an extremely heavy Euro-Rock-inspired Dance beat and with the original vocals by UK-based Stewart Mac almost becoming another instrument to the final result.
Ebert calls it "brave and a breakthrough and probably Ian's finest piece of work to date." Others who have been privy to hear the track have all immediately wanted the track and call it "feed your head music." As for Parkinson, he sees the track as part of an ongoing campaign for "The Durban Demon."
"Hans comes from an advertising and marketing background and is adamant that anything We-Enhance does never becomes ad hoc affairs. He has plans to take this track - and this concept - into other areas involving business partners, new technology and other mediums which will become known soon."
We-Enhance will also be releasing an album of Parkinson's work and which has now reached the ears of the Club scene and DJs and Producers in Europe and the International gaming industry. Included will be Remixes of tracks by artists like Kanye West, a mash-up and Remix of the bands Placebo, who perform soon in Hong Kong, and the UK's Archive, plus a Remix of a track by Cui Jian, China's original "Rockfather."
We-Enhance Musical Enhancer, Ian Parkinson
"Ian doesn't get out much," half- jokes Ebert. "He's a lonely man who just stays locked up in his studio for days on end churning out music. The album will be one way of getting the Ian Parkinson brand out there. Yes, the Ian Parkinson brand will get out there, but Ian, the human being, will, probably, be happy staying 'underground' and making music."
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As the name suggests, We-Enhance is exactly about that: Enhancing the careers of the creative community, enhancing the consumer experience, enhancing companies that need enhancing and, perhaps most important of all, enhancing the creative product in and from Asia - and whatever this product might be.
We are here to work with people and companies we respect and believe CAN be enhanced with what we have to offer.
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