Hong Kong, November 8, 2007: Which International act has the most popular and current best-selling album in China?
If you said Kanye West, 50 Cent, Beyonce, Fall Out Boy or even “High School Musical 2,” you’d be dead wrong. The current best-selling album is “The Live Adventures Of Michael Learns To Rock” by the Danish group of the same name.
Propelled by the lead off single, “I Walk This Road Alone,” the album has already sold close to 20,000 CDs after less than a month of its release date and, at a time, when the sales of physical music sales are on a fast-moving downward curve.
”I Walk This Road Alone,” an English version of the 1984 Mandarin hit, “I Have Nothing” for Chinese Rock icon Cui Jian, has been the main reason for the interest in the album- this and the band’s strong fan base in China.
Written by Cui Jian and with English lyrics by MLTR’s Jascha Richter and Hans Ebert, former Executive Director of EMI South East Asia and now Chairman and CEO of newly-launched music-based Entertainment company We-Enhance and who also A&R’d the track, “I Walk This Road Alone” is the band’s long-awaited follow-up to their 2005 mega-hit, “Take Me To Your Heart.”
Also A&R’d by Ebert, the track remains a karaoke favourite around the region and has had been released as duets featuring MLTR and local artists from China, Hong Kong and India.  
In an interesting ongoing A&R strategy for this track, a Remix-cum-mash-up-cum-original has been written and produced by Ian Parkinson who has joined Ebert’s We-Enhance as President of A&R.
Featuring the somewhat left field combination of MLTR’s English version of the song and Cui Jian’s original Mandarin version and called the Dim Sum Bomb Remix, the Dance-oriented track comes with a video featuring footage from the movie titled “Homeless FC.”
Directed by Singapore-based James Leong and Lynn Lee, the movie follows the true-life story of a football team made up of homeless men in Hong Kong and for which Parkinson wrote and produced the music.
”The lyrics and ‘feel’ to I Walked This Road Alone fit perfectly with the mood and story behind Homeless FC,” says Leong. “This is a great way to promote our film and also paint some visuals to the Remix and which was great as it meant working once again with Ian.”  
Says Jascha Richter, singer-songwriter with MLTR, “The Remix definitely takes the band in a new direction whereas the footage from James’ and Lynn Lee’s movie really works well and is both inspiring and touching. This Remix has really been a team effort that has brought together MLTR and Cui Jian, Ian’s very industrial sounding Remix and scenes from James’ and Lynn Lee’s ‘Homeless FC’ movie. It is truly an East-meets-West collaboration.”
Apart from being featured on YouTube ( and other music-based social networking sites, the video will also be aired by the various music channels in the region and by terrestrial broadcasters.      
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