Hong Kong, February 19, 2009: Hers is a voice that has cracked the YouTube sound barrier with over 3,935,000 hits to date.

It's a voice full of anguish, turmoil, soul and an almost child-like quality. This is a voice that has suddenly come to represent Hong Kong. This is the voice that has launched a hundred planes and a few dozen cows and crows in the process. This is a Voice representative of Asia's World City.
"Who says Hong Kong has no singing talent?" asks Ian Parkinson, Chief Musical Enhancer with Hong Kong-based entertainment company We-Enhance Inc. "Who says Hong Kong has no soul, no feeling and no empathy towards one's fellow man?"
Adds Parkinson, "In one fell swoop, here is a lady - our very own Number One Sister Soul - Wei Ling - who has single-handedly managed to enhance the sound of Hong Kong with an unforgettably moving performance that can only be described as Terminal Wailing. Forget manufactured Canto-Pop. This is manu-fractured Canto-wailing at its most pitiful best."
An exhausted Wei Ling.
Working with the team at We-Enhance and cleverly using the lines, "You can check out anytime, but you can never leave" from "Hotel California" by the Eagles, Parkinson has worked day and night - doggedly - to add a new dimension to - and enhance - this unworldly sound to emanate out of Hong Kong and now heard on News channels and homes around the world.
"We call it the Chep Lap Kok-ed Up Terminal Wei Ling Mix and are very hopeful that the Hong Kong Tourist Association use this as both a Welcome and a fond Adieu to and from Hong Kong to all our visitors and every banker on the run."     
Chep Lap Kok-ed Up Terminal Wei Ling Mix is available on YouTube via the link:  
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