Hong Kong, November 24, 2010: What happens when two fans of Bruce Lee from different parts of the world first “meet” online? They decide to write a musical tribute to their idol. And which is what happened when Hong Kong-based music marketing executive Hans Ebert, Chairman of We-Enhance Inc and Yorkshire-born singer-songwriter Jon Harrison, based in the UK, have done with a song that started life as “Little Dragon”.
With lyrics from Ebert, former Executive Director for Universal Music and EMI Music, whose credits include working with David Bowie, Gorillaz, Robbie Williams and others and turning Chinese songs into English hits for acts like Danish band, Michael Learns To Rock and UK-based artist Stewart Mac, Harrison turned these into music.
Hans Ebert, Chairman of We-Enhance Inc.
The result is a song recorded and produced to commemorate what would have been the late martial arts icon’s 70th birthday on November 27th of this year.
Says, Harrison, “Meeting Hans in person on a trip to Denmark, our discussion and finding of the mutual respect for all things Bruce Lee, sparked off the idea to write the song as a tribute to the man and legend and which we hope will resonate with other fans of the martial artist. The hope is that anybody who has suffered a significant loss in their lives can feel a degree of comfort in the lyrics and message of the song.”
Harrison thought to play the demo of the song to his musical collaborator and album co/writer Russ Ballard.
Ballard just teemed with ideas for it and, like the Beatles’ Hey Jude, has taken a sad song and made it better with there being Radio and Acoustic versions of the song.
Songwriter-guitarist arranger-producer Russ Ballard, singer-songwriter Jon Harrison
and co-Producer Christian Ballard.
As both lead singer and Guitarist in the band Argent, Russ Ballard wrote "God Gave Rock And Roll To You” and hits for the band Rainbow such as "Since You’ve Been Gone", Three Dog Night’s "Liar",  Hot Chocolate’s "So You Win Again" and "Winning" for "Santana. With his additions, “Little Dragon” became the song it is today - "Dragonfly."
Download the Radio version of "Dragonfly":
Download the Acoustic version of "Dragonfly":
With a renewed interest in Bruce Lee and a number of books and film projects based around the life and times of the late action star, Ebert, Harrison and Ballard are looking at the song “Dragonfly” as being part of one of these projects and also the start of something new - a musical and conceptual project - inspired by Lee.
Russ Ballard and Jon Harrison.
“‘Dragonfly’ has gone from being ‘just a song’ to something more and which we are working on,” adds Harrison. “Watch this space.”    
Download the Radio version of "Dragonfly":
Download the Acoustic version of "Dragonfly":
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