UK-based Singer-Songwriter Stewart Mac revives old English hit by Canto-Rock pioneer Sam Hui.
Hong Kong, April 17, 2009: One of Canto-rock pioneer Sam Hui's first English recordings produced in the Seventies has been re-worked and is set for release - the first official music production by We-Enhance.
Titled, "April Lady," it was also the first song to be written by Music Executive Hans Ebert when still a teenager and was recorded by Hui when with his band The Lotus who are featured on the recording along with Norman Cheng, now Chairman and CEO of the Typhoon Entertainment Group. Cheng not only played guitar on the session, but also produced the recording.
A side note: The same song was released in Germany under the Polydor label who changed the name Sam Hui to the more "International" sounding "Sam Hall."  
And in a case of sweet irony and to complete the circle, the idea to revive the song was thought up by Scott Hui, youngest son of Sam.
"I've always liked this song and another of Hans' songs for my Dad called 'Saddest Day,'" says the younger Hui. "I've been telling Hans for a few years to have someone record the songs as they have really strong melodies- songs that stand the test of time."
Ebert, now Chairman and CEO of Creative and Music-based Marketing company We-Enhance, listened and decided that this "someone" be UK-based singer-songwriter Stewart Mac.
Stewart Mac
"I heard of Stew through a mutual friend, his Dad got in touch with me and we've become long-distance friends," he explained. "I listened to Stew's music and thought, 'Hmmm, why not ask him if he'd record April Lady?' I did and he has and all who have heard it like the results."
All include Anders Nelson who was very much part of the Hong Kong music scene when "April Lady" was topping the charts here and is now actively involved in improving all aspects of the music industry here as well as looking after Ebert's publishing. Says Nelsson, "It's a very good song and having this new version has given Hans a reason to pick up the guitar again and write more originals."
Another fan of the song and the version by Stewart Mac is "Uncle" Ray Cordeiro, MBE, who will debut the recording this month on his long-running radio programme, "All The Way With Ray," which, because of its longevity made it into the Guinness Book Of World Records as did its long-time host.
"Of course, I will always be a fan of Sam's original version of the song," says "Uncle" Ray, "but, I am very impressed with young Stewart Mac's version. He's a fine new talent and it's always great to promote new artists like this."
Ebert, who has written songs for Sam Hui, penned the karaoke hit "Corazon de Melao" for Canto-Pop "King" Jacky Cheung as well as "Just Like Jackie Chan" for Singapore's UrbanXChange and had Danish Band Michael Learns To Rock record an English version of one of Cheung's biggest hits which became the Number One hit, "Take Me To Your Heart," has also had Stewart Mac record an English version of a hit for LA-based Taiwanese Singer-Songwriter David Tao.
"Stew is a good songwriter and has a CD which we'll be releasing that includes some strong originals of his own, " adds Ebert. "The plan is to have these covers introduce him to the local media and audiences in this region quickly and then have him come out here so everyone can hear what he has to offer and see him perform 'live.'"
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