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Ben Semmens

Ben Semmens

A name is a good place to start. His name is Ben Semmens, a singer-songwriter hailing from Pontypridd South Wales in the UK.

His music? Well, Ben lets his music do the talking for him and many seem to like what he has to say.

“His attitude for creating first and foremost quality music is an attitude which has so far, judging by rave reviews and critical acclaim, stood him in good stead for the future.” - God is in the TV Zine

“….he has recorded what is destined to become one of the 'classic' love songs of the twenty-first century.” - Lee McFarland of Spin Magazine

“World class, starting a new music religion” - Plugged In Magazine

In early 2009 Ben released his debut album “Western Lights” and had a staggering 50,000 downloads - worldwide - and without the assistance of a label. As it’s been said many-a time, the best advertising is word-of-mouth advertising and many began to spread the word and this continues today. And is growing. Word-of-mouth is becoming louder.

His music is difficult to categorise. And which might be a good thing. His fans know and each song stands on its own and means something different to everyone. Perhaps, you should let us know what you “hear” in them - and what they mean to you?

2010 saw Ben Semmens playing venues around the country, making music, making new fans and with his songs taking people to wherever they might wish to go.

Whatever he does, wherever his music takes you, what’s always important to remember that it’s music that has come straight from the heart of a remarkably gifted singer-songwriter who believes in the power of a good melody.

For more info, visit: www.bensemmens.com